Tangle Free Blow Out

Years ago when I was a little girl, I had really long, thick and coarse hair. I must admit it looked pretty when it was finished, but the washing, brushing and drying process was … long. And, could even be painful! It would take longer after washing to comb out the tangles from my hair than all the other steps combined. It was not something I looked forward to at all, especially as a kid.

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Enter today and the creation of the brand Wet Brush. What I wouldn’t have given to have a pain-free brush like this back in the day! I am so glad that my own daughter will never experience the extent of combing out tangles with an ‘old fashioned’ brush. If you are a 90’s kid or earlier … you know exactly what I mean!

Recently I was in the market for a new round brush and happened to see this Wet Brush brand Volume & Body Round Brush at Target. I was considering investing in a more expensive round brush like this one or this one or even this one if I really wanted to splurge, but when I ran across the Wet Brush option for less than $15 I figured it was worth a try.

Currently, I would describe my hair as medium thick and dries more naturally straight. My hair thickness and texture definitely changed after I had my kids.

Tangle Free Blow Out - Wet Brush Round Brush Review

My first impression? The brush does a good job of supporting a tangle-free experience! I have been drying my hair via round brush for a long time, so I feel pretty comfortable creating an at-home blow out. I am no expert, but at this point I have found a rhythm. I know it takes practice to learn how to work with a round brush, and I think this Wet Brush Round Brush would be great for beginners. When I was learning years ago, if I pulled too tight or in the wrong direction, I could get the brush tangled or my hair knotted. I don’t see that happening easily with this brush so that is definitely a pro. It also left my hair really smooth and soft, and also created nice volume. I really wouldn’t even need to use a straightener on it at the end if I didn’t want to, so that’s a win. Also, no tangles!

Cons? The handle could have used extra gripping. It was so smooth that it felt hard to turn my wrist without the brush slipping out of my hand. The brush also lost a few bristles, which surprised me with it only being the first use. If you have fine or super straight hair, I think this brush may cause your hair to feel weighed down. It didn’t really create that full round finish that I was hoping for or expect with a round brush – and instead made my hair simply straight.

Want to see the Wet Brush in action? You can do so here!

Overall, it is a great budget-friendly brush! Knowing your hair type and your skill level for drying via round brush is important to take into account when considering whether to purchase. If avoiding tangles is your main goal, this is the brush for you. I personally prefer the Wet Brush paddle brush over the Wet Brush round, but this is still a nice option depending on your needs!


Five Years with Beautycounter

This month, February 14th to be exact, marked five years since I said ‘yes’ to Beautycounter. What a wild ride it has been!

Five Years with Beautycounter

I have met many amazing women – some of which have become my closest friends and travel companions – that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. What a gift! I have traveled because of Beautycounter, both business and personal reasons, to Minnesota three times, Arizona, North Carolina, and will also be headed to Georgia in April.

Beautycounter Team - Consultant Opportunity

My business has seen me through a job transition from full-time to part-time, then to full time stay at home mom, from one baby to two, and moving from our first home and building a new house. A lot of life has been lived in the past five years, but through it Beautycounter has remained a constant.

I could share all the reasons why I joined – and how this business may be a good fit for you as well, but today I simply want to reflect on the power of taking a chance on yourself.

Before joining Beautycounter I had never used a single product from the brand. Heck, five years ago I had barely heard of it and no one in my circle had heard of it as well. When I went part-time at my office position (public information for a large school district) to be home with Jack who was six months at the time, I knew I wanted to somehow make money from home. I didn’t know what that would look like, but taking a 60% pay decrease at that stage of life was strongly felt.

I started looking around at work from home options and nothing felt right to me. Then a blogger I followed happened to mention she was looking to grow her Beautycounter team. If you follow a blogger or influencer on Instagram long enough, you start to feel like you ‘know’ them and build a trust level through the screen. That’s how I always hope my readers who have been around this blog for a long time feel about me! I trusted Madison and her decisions and thought if she saw something good in this company then she must be on to something. I signed-up on a whim the same month I went part-time. I became her second consultant on a team of now over 1,000. How cool is that? And, she has become one of those friends in the business I couldn’t imagine not knowing in this stage of life!

Beautycounter Team - Consultant Opportunity

When I joined, I initially had zero expectations. I never saw myself being a part of a direct retail business. I was afraid of being spammy or judged by those around me, and I lacked confidence. However, I committed to trying for a year. I have learned that trying and deciding something is not for you is always better than not trying and wondering what could have been. I started slowly and experimented with communication and marketing ideas. I still to this day constantly throw darts at the wall, so to speak, to see what sticks and that works for my business!

Beautycounter Consultant Oportunity

Although I wasn’t overtly successful financially overnight, the growth both personally and professionally was there. I stayed consistent in my activities and pushed through the hard. I now have a team of 30 women who I mentor and encourage daily. When I left my part-time job in September 2019, Beautycounter allowed for that transition to be nearly seamless. My best advice learned from that season of life? How strongly I feel about not waiting to start a side business until that money is actually needed. In this current climate of the world, having a side business or a hobby that pays along with a regular job is not a bad idea at all! Any way to make a little extra money provides freedom to grow and adapt as needed.

Five years with Beautycounter has taught me and grown me in ways I can’t easily explain. It has made me smarter, and proved I could do something I never thought I would be good at. It has shown me that consistency with anything is key. Finding your own voice and way to accomplish a goal does not look the same for everyone. And, the less you care about what somebody else may think of you, the more opportunities you suddenly have to consider.

If you are looking for a side business, supplemental income, full-time business, or simply a hobby or discount program, the Beautycounter consultant opportunity may be right for you! This month you can join for free with a starter set, or it is simply $50 to sign-up. How often can you begin a business for such a small investment + small risk?

If you would like to learn more about the Consultant opportunity, or would like to talk more about it directly with me, you can visit the link here or email me at jana.antil@gmail.com to chat more. Beautycounter has been such a gift to my family and myself, and I love to see others be blessed by the opportunity, too! I am looking forward to seeing what the next five years brings.

Beautycounter Consultant Oportunity


Muffin Pan Lunches for Kids and Toddlers

Breakfast and lunch are always the most well-received meals by my kids. Dinner may be hit or miss, but they load up on fuel and nutrition during those first couple meals.

Muffin Pan Lunches {kids and toddlers}

Their mealtimes look like breakfast (7am-8am), small mid-morning snack (9:30-10:30), lunch (11:00-12:00), small afternoon snack (2:30-3), and dinner (4:30-5:30). The times I shared is usually when they begin to eat, some time within that hour. If you are looking for simple and nutritious toddler and kid breakfasts, I wrote this blog post titled Toddler Breakfasts: Easy for Mom + Yummy for Kids that you may find helpful!

I try to limit snacks since my kids are most likely to eat all the best stuff – fruits, veggies, lean proteins – when snacks haven’t dominated their day. Morning snack usually consists of a bar, smoothie, applesauce, or a yogurt, and in the afternoon they may have a small treat like fruit snacks, bunny grahams, or a smoothie if they didn’t have one in the morning.

Although lunch can be one of the easiest meals to put together, it is challenging to keep options varied and that mid-day mealtime from becoming repetitive and boring. Enter muffin pan snacky-lunch platters!

Muffin Pan Lunches {kids and toddlers}You may have seen this idea floating around Instagram or Pinterest, but we have definitely ran with it in our home. Seems strait forward enough, all you need is a muffin pan and snack / lunch items to fill the cups and you’re good to go!

If I am making a meal just for one of my kids, I will use a six count muffin pan and if I have both my kids, I will fill a 12 count with usually two of each item. Ready to put together your own muffin pan snacky-lunch platters? Here is an easy formula, plus food ideas to fill those holes:


  • Deli Meat (Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Chicken)
  • Charcuterie Meats (Pepperoni or Salami)
  • Chicken Nuggets or Tenders (frozen and prepared air fried – I like the Applegate Naturals the best, but also purchase the Perdue Simply Smart Lightly Breaded Chicken Nuggets at Costco)
  • If I have leftover burgers or chicken in the fridge from a dinner that week, I will cut it into bite size pieces.
  • Edamame (frozen and then steamed, sprinkles with sea salt)
  • Hot Dogs diced


  • Avocado or Guacamole
  • Peanut Butter for dipping
  • Cheese (sliced or cubed – my kids love Colby, a mild cheddar, or a smoked cheddar or gouda)
  • Ranch Dressing for dipping (I make a batch of Joanna Gaines’ Ranch Dressing recipe at the beginning of the week to have on hand for veggie dipping)


  • Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Apple slices, Banana slices, Watermelon, Nectarines or Oranges, sliced Grapes, Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Peaches

Muffin Pan Lunches {kids and toddlers}


Carrots, Celery, Cucumbers, Bell Pepper, Cherry Tomatoes cut in half, pickles, Black Olives, Broccoli, Sugar Snap Peas

Carbs + Extras

Crackers, Pretzels, Potato Chips, Bunny Grahams, Cheddar Bunnies / Goldfish, a small Cookie, Fruit Snacks, Popcorn

Muffin Pan Lunches {kids and toddlers}

Remember, the whole idea of muffin pan meals is to be simplistic – don’t overthink it! Chances are that you already have the ingredients needed to fill up a pan in your home. Often time I will basically do a refrigerator / pantry clean out to fill those slots. You may have a piece of ham here or half an apple there, or one pickle slice and half a banana leftover. It may not look like much or as if it could make a meal, but you may be surprised how well the muffin pans can stretch our food. When paired with other snacky items, a little of everything can easily make a full meal!

Muffin Pan Lunches {kids and toddlers}